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I'm Steffy, and I live in my favorite place on earth, Long Beach NY with my two loves & our dachshund. In this space we share our adventures around NY, cozy days at home and tons of outfits! Grab a cup of coffee and lets get to know each other!


Friday, March 30, 2012

cupcakes and the city!

spent this particular afternoon chatting with bonnie over magnolia's cupcakes. i've had MANY cupcakes in my day, but nothing even comes close to how tasty & pretty these are. also, sharing em' in good company may make them even tastier :)

hope you have a lovely friday. i will be celebrating matt's birthday all weekend! yay! in honor of my cutie photographers birthday, take 40 % off my entire store with the code "happybirthdaymatt." discount will end sunday at midnight.

boots/bag/hat: vintage
glasses: c/o proopticals

Thursday, March 29, 2012

in the beautiful morning light.

time flies when you're having fun! i can't believe my time in new york is almost over! i spent this day boppin' around the village in the most flowy skirt i own. it was super windy and fun! stopped into the bollare showroom and got to play with pretty clothes for a few hours :) i just love the spontaneity of the past few days.

lets cheers our morning coffees to living in each and every moment! i'm sipping mine on my aunts balcony in long beach, long island and couldn't be a happier human if i tried ♥

blouse: for sale in my store
skirt: c/o romwe
jacket: vintage
boots/ hat: vintage
bag: ebay

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

today was good. today was fun. tomorrow is another one.

really soaking in every minute of time i have here! meet my "photog for the week".. my brother! he is some guy.. been driving me around and taking my photos every morning. i've gotta say, he is pretty good at the photographer thing.

i spent yesterday wandering around soho by my lonesome. it got SO cold around 4p.m. and i had to purchase a pair of pants, the tights weren't cutting it. i got these from Urban and don't ever want to take them off. grabbed dinner with some friends at my favorite place in the city, dumpling man. if you live around here, you gotta go! the dumpling logo melts my heart and the food is amazing. have a great tuesday! this is my last full day in the city before i head to visit family in long island! xo!

dress: for sale in my store
collar: h & m
flats: hand-me-downs :)
bag: vintage
coat: vintage

Monday, March 26, 2012

new york city adventures ♥

living the happiest of days here in brooklyn & ny. i feel FREE! i spent the morning getting brunch with my brother and his girlfriend lily, the afternoon shopping with gaby and the evening in the most quaint park chatting the night away with bonnie. that's why i love nyc--- you can squeeze three days worth of things to do into a 24 hour period!

something about being here makes me run and grab black. it's out of character, i know! get used to it though, because there's more where that came from! be back with more adventures soon!

p.s. added cute new vintage to the store on saturday!

top: forever 21
bag: ebay
collar: c/o romwe
shoes: c/o wanted

Saturday, March 24, 2012

there's so much in the world that i'd like to soak up with my eyes.

i'd be lying if i told you i wasn't the happiest girl in the world at this moment in time. can i just stay here forever? i'd also be lying if i didn't divulge to you that this past week was NOT a good place to be. ever have those weeks you just wish away and they take foreeeeverrr? matt said .. "there's good weeks and bad ones. next week will be good." what a guy!

.. isn't this dress just a dream. i guess i'd probably say that about any THING with giant polka dots... but HEY! :)

have a good weekend/week! i will be in nyc for the next few days, and will of course be updating along the way! check back for lots of pictures of yummy food, amazing thrift finds, brooklyn & more! xoxo!


Friday, March 23, 2012

miami fashion week photo diary.

i have yet to attend a NYFW, but I can't imagine it is even close to Miami International Fashion Week. this isn't necessarily a bad thing... one of the main reasons I have fallen hard for Miami is because everything having to do with the fashion industry is intimate. It's a "big-small" city, and that's exactly how MIFW felt. It was eclectic, bold, colorful... and perfectly Miami.

i only had time to attend yesterday (thursday) with my friend Dani because of finals and my trip to NY, but I got to see four designers show their work, including MET in jeans (image 1), Rosario Vargas Tibubay from Bolovia -- the models wore those masks, and a few others.

i was honestly so tired from the entire week that this might be my most dressed down post! oops! sometimes its just easy being comfy :)

top: h & m
collar: c/o romwe
skirt: in my store soon

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

magical mint ☆

who else is having a much easier time blogging after daylights savings time? i am going to raise my hand HIGH. this is the first time since i can remember that i was able to post two days in a row :) i love that it gets dark at 7PM! hope you don't get too sick of me! i also LOVE this mint color right now.. but who doesn't. it's even on my nails.

this week has been a whirlwind between finals, my trip to NYC in a few days & Miami International Fashion Week starting on Wednesday. yikes. forget about trying to not be stressed out-- i am just trying to fit it all in. any tips?

p.s. pop on over to my store for lots of new listings!

shorts: h & m
bag: ebay
boots & sunnies : vintage
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