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I'm Steffy, and I live in my favorite place on earth, Long Beach NY with my two loves & our dachshund. In this space we share our adventures around NY, cozy days at home and tons of outfits! Grab a cup of coffee and lets get to know each other!


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

the final wedding planning trip to tampa!

this past weekend my parents and i made the final journey 4 hours upcoast to the city i am getting married in. we finalized the venue, cake, flowers and we had our trial hair and makeup done! there's a lot of little questions and details that have come up along the way-- such as who provides glassware, who walks down the aisle with who, the reception timeline, the seating layout, etc. but we are slowly figuring everything out. between work and wedding planning, i am EXHAUSTED, and the getaway definitely was not relaxing, but it was exciting!! the next trip i take up to dade city will be with matt in a car full of wedding projects and DIY's!!! and all of the people i love the most will be there with us! it's really all so exciting!

it was actually very chilly on the trip, so my nose is a little red :) i didn't plan for the weather so much, but i really wanted to wear these pants! i've been getting a ton of use out of this vintage cropped top, and the leather jacket. nothing beats a fake leather jacket.

... 18 days until the wedding =D

blouse: vintage
pants: Forever 21
jacket: chicwish
hat: vintage
shoes: vintage

Sunday, January 26, 2014

F21/ a walk in miami beach soundscape park ♥

i'm teaming up with Forever 21 to share some of my favorite Miami Beach spots! I am so excited to bring you into my world/ my home! South beach is fairly small, and you can basically walk anywhere, or bike! I live and work within walking distance of this lovely park known as the miami beach soundscape park at washington avenue and 17th street. The park is right next to the New World Symphany hall, and some nights they project the concerts playing inside the hall onto a wall adjacent to the park. it's quite lovely to sit on the lawn and watch some live music while we sip wine! It's a peaceful park, and the perfect place to read a book and people watch.

if you're ever in miami beach, make sure to wander off of lincoln road and visit my favorite park. ♥ i love stopping in on walks after work with matty, like on this day! i wore this outfit to work, and the colors just melted my heart.

blouse: vintage
jacket: Forever 21
shoes: Forever 21
bag: chicwish

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

crafty cozy winter days.

24 days until THE day, and i am on a journey up to tampa to meet with vendors for the final time before the wedding! i spent the entire day finishing up tons of wedding projects with my mom (some peeks are above :) ) i dont know what i would do without the helping hands of my parents, they've helped so much to make all my little projects come to fruition! it has been chilly outside (as in 45 degrees chilly!) so we've been spending time outside in sweaters soaking it all in. i am SO happy i chose to have my wedding at my favorite time of the year.

my friend shareen gave me this sweater last year, and it's an old time vintage favorite. she just moved away, and i have to say i miss her! miami doesn't like losing good people. i'm off to embrace this crazy amazing time. i will take pictures, i promise.

sweater: vintage
skirt: F21 [old]
boots/hat: vintage
bag: F21

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

my bachelorette weekend ♥

some of my bridesmaids and friends from work!

my amazing maid of honor lacey. we've been best friends since 6th grade!

my second maid of honor alex! don't know what i'd do without this girl.

alex and sara. sara flew in all the way from LA!!

i usually try to keep this blog strictly fashion/ DIY related, but i just had to share a few peeks of my bachelorette weekend in key west. my amazing maids of honor lacey and alex planned the entire weekend, and 15 girls headed down for the getaway! it was so much fun, and it even made us realize that we need to have more girls trips every year! it was a weekend filled with a ton of laughs and tears, and i will never ever forget it. i am in shock that it has already come and gone, and have just been soaking in the feeling of every day and how exciting this time is! we will be married in 24 days!!! sorry if my posting has been a bit inconsistent, i will be back with some outfits this week :) !

i already miss all of these amazing ladies, and cannot wait to be together with all of them at the wedding soon! what did you all do for your bachelorette parties? share fun stories, i would love to hear!


Monday, January 20, 2014

wedding style ♥

i just got back from my bachelorette party! it was THE best weekend maybe ever, and i am so thankful for my maids of honor and that they took the time to plan it all! i will share a few photos soon! a big group of friends and i all went to key west, florida!

one of the more time consuming projects for me in "wedding planning" was finding the perfect outfit for all of these really special parties! here's what i wore to my bridal shower and bachelorette parties! i actually ended up forgetting my dress for the bachelorette party (i know, how could i!!!!?) but my outfit was very similar to the one above anyway.

  1. bridal shower : i wanted my outfit to be EXTRA girly! my mom and maid of honor threw me a tea party, so i thought this dress fit perfectly! dress: modcloth necklace: kate spade shoes: anthro
  2. bachelorette party: i really wanted to show a little bit of skin, but also feel like i was keeping my own style. i found this cute dress at zara, and it fits perfectly! i am going to pair it with vintage inspired shoes (that i am re-wearing!) and a vintage white felt boater hat that i thrifted a few months back. dress: zara shoes: anthro hat: vintage
What did you wear to all of these meaningful wedding events? i would love to hear!!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

llewyn davis feeling.

i have been so attracted to the style of the movie "llewyn davis" (which you should definitely see if you haven't yet!) neutral colors, grainy shots, brown plaids... i cannot get enough these days. there's something so romantic about this washed out undersaturated look. i wore this outfit when spending the day with my mom today. i was sick for 2 days, and now i am all better!

this weekend is my bachlorette party, and i could not be more ecstatic. matt is already on his bachelor party! all of my girlfriends are flying in, and i just feel so special and loved. ♥ 30 days until the wedding!!

blouse: vintage
hat: vintage
shorts: F21
shoes: F21
bag: F21

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

sunset sailor.

hello! i wore this for a mini roadtrip to my parents house to work on some wedding planning. we went to the craft store and ordered some fun little things from etsy (aka the wedding lifesaver site). i've been spending mostly every day doing weddding projects & working, and i have to admit I AM TIRED. haha. i've made myself a bit sick with overworking and not sleeping enough, so i am taking today to rest. i will finally give myself an hour to watch the new GIRLS! i've hear Jenna Lyons is in it. has anyone seen it yet?

blouse: chicwish
shorts: urban
shoes: vintage

Thursday, January 9, 2014

color companionship.

there truly is not a color that i adore more than mustard yellow. it combines so romantically with so many colors-- cremes, browns, reds and i've recently discovered that this red wine color is its perfect pair. i found these jeans thrifting a few years back, and have styled them tons of times on my blog (here and here), i love that they can work for darker color tones and also for a bright and fun spring look! one of my best fitting vintage pant finds ever.

i wore this outfit all day working on wedding DIY with my mom. here's a fun preview below :) have a lovely weekend.

turtleneck: j.crew
pants: vintage
hat: vintage
shoes: Forever21

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