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Saturday, May 13, 2017

A Note To My Mom on Mother's Day / The Gift of Chocolate!

This year, after becoming a mom, I can truly connect with and understand my own mom, and all of the sacrifices she made for me. She always used to say "You'll understand when you become a mom," and those words COULD NOT BE MORE TRUE.

So this Mother's Day, Hudson and I are sending over an "e-card" via this blog post, filled with merci chocolate (that we'll be mailing) to my mom! We're many miles apart, but we love you so much Mom! Thanks for putting in so much time, energy and worries to help me be the best me that I can be. I strive to be even 1/2 as selfless as you were as a parent - you set the bar high. Being a mom isn't a thankless job, like your mom always said, because when you grow up and your kids have kids, they love you in a totally new way. Happy Mother's Day!

If you're looking for a small gift to share your love this Mother's Day, merci always does the trick. P.S. I had to get a little chocolate for myself too, and Matt may have had some as well ;)

Thanks to Merci for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own!
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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

How to Spend A Sunday In Brooklyn // Outfit

Greenpoint, Brooklyn has quickly become one of our favorite places to wander around on the weekend. I even dream about moving here (keyword: dream). On this particular day, we ate our way around - I stopped and ate this amazing cannoli creme donut from Moe's Doughs Donut Shop. Then we ran into a friend who suggested we grab bread from Northside Bakery. We ate some perogie's and they were sooo good!

Then we grabbed some records from Co-Op 87 records, and we were amazed at the low prices + they had a listening station which is so key. I've been so into folk music!

I wore this adorable new skirt from Madewell, that I have not been able to get enough of lately. It's seriously the perfect length, and such a great Summer staple! I linked the whole look below... 

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Monday, May 8, 2017

Hudson's 6 Month Update + Unpublished Pictures!

This month was the hardest month yet, because I felt like I had no time with Hudson. But it was also incredible, because Hudson had so many firsts! 

BABY UPDATE:  Hudson started to [easily] roll front to back, sit up on his own, say "bababa" and "dadada," laugh even louder, grunt and just become waaay more of a human being! Sometimes, he just laughs at me for no reason, and I laugh back, and he laughs, and we just share this totally indescribable joy, like an inside joke between only us. He stares at me all day, and I stare right back. We're mutually obsessed. I love spending time with him, and every funny little thing he does just makes me more excited to be his mom. 

He has been sleeping through the night (7PM - 6:15AM) except for a few nights here and there, and he's been eating solids! He loves applesauce, pear, banana, sweet potato, green beans and carrots! He is iffy on broccoli, spinach, avocado and cauliflower! He also sort of gets how to drink from a cup, and high-fives me when he feels like it. He loves his doggy, and is still obsessed with his binky. He is the most charming baby, I catch him smiling at random people all day, and then acting shy when they give him attention. He's pretty happy overall now, and is only fussy at night before bedtime, or when he's overwhelmed by too many people at once. He's very calm, and I've realized he loves calm environments like his mommy and daddy.

MAMA UPDATE: Big news on the mama front - I left my job! I was in between whether to share the news, because I've always kept my career pretty separate from the blog, but I wanted to be totally honest with you other moms out there, and follow up on my post about my first day back to work, which so many of you absolutely amazing people e-mailed me about. 

I did not want to make the decision to leave an emotional one, so I went back to work for a full month. It was extremely hard, and while dropping Hudson off did get easier, and his daycare was amazing to him, I truly felt like I did not want to miss this time in his life. I was gone for 42 hours of his week, and I didn't feel it was fair to him, or to me. Matt travels for work a decent amount and works long hours, and between running this blog, working full-time and being a good mom, it became too much. I wasn't even having a single second to myself to do basic human things, like shower or eat dinner. My work is amazing, and they were completely understanding, which makes me so relieved, because I felt really guilty about the decision. I in no way shape or form want to make this seem like this is the "right" thing to do, because it's SUCH a personal decision that we each have to individually make as moms. But for my family, it worked out, because I make some income from this blog, and I can really be present as a parent. I'm scared, definitely, but also very very VERY excited. 

I wanted to thank each and every one of you who took the time to e-mail me and give me the confidence that this was even an option. I also wanted to thank all of you for making this an option by following this blog. It has changed my life.

These are the things we've been using:

1. Fisher-Price Booster Seat: After Hudson grew out of his Bumbo, we liked the idea of having a small high chair to feed him in the kitchen, since our home isn't very big! I also love that there's a toy attachment, because it entertains him while I heat up his food. 

2. Trainer Cup: Since Hudson started holding his bottle, I love this one! It makes it easier for him to grip the bottle. 

3. Super Baby Food: Growing up, I mostly ate carbs and sweets, so I knew I wanted to feed Hudson tons of fruits and veggies that were homemade. It's the one thing I'm actually really passionate about, even though I am not a great cook. I didn't know where to start, so this book helped me out a lot!

4. V-tech Driver: Hudson has loved this toy since he has started to sit up!

5. Gathre Mat: This mat is suchhhhh great quality, and is amazing for beach days! 

6. Cactus boardies: I've been collecting fun summer clothes for Hudson, and could not pass these up! 

7. Panama Hat: This hat is so cute, it's insane. 

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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Our Kitchen Refresh With West Elm

As most of you know, we renovated our kitchen last year. It looked 100% better, but I was super pregnant, and didn't have much time to put those finishing touches on things. I always felt like the kitchen was plain, but between having Hudson and figuring out life as a new mom, I didn't put much time or energy toward it. When West Elm mentioned they were expanding their registry options for couples, I was super excited to test drive the new option, and finally put some attention toward our sad barren kitchen! 

I added this adorable runner to make the space feel a little bit more cozy. I've been really into everything copper lately, and was so happy to add this copper kettle to my collection. This gilded mirror tray adds such a nice elegant touch to the space as well! I've linked the rest of the items I added to the space below! 

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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Girlfriend Jeans + A Hudson Appearance (& 10 Secret Things About Me!)

I saw a few people on instagram share 10 secrets about themselves that aren't out for the world to see yet, and I thought this idea was fun! You guys hear me babble on and on about my clothing choices and my life path, but I never really share much about who I am!

1. I grew up skateboard and surfing! Yup, probably never mentioned that. I used to be able to ollie over stuff, skate a bowl and surf hurricane waves. I still longboard skateboard, but want to get back into surfing.

2. When Matt and I first started to date, we lived together in Nicaragua for 7 months. I was in Brooklyn, and we were long distance, and he had a job at a hotel in Nica. I decided to move there to be with him!

3. I am the oldest, and I have 2 younger brothers. I really feel like growing up in a male-dominated home has defined who I am in many many ways.

4. I am the least girly girl you might meet who is into clothes. It's assumed because of this blog that maybe I am prissy or femme, but I promise I am not! I curse like a sailor, laugh louder than most people and never ever have my nails done.

5. I went to visual arts middle & highschool and took intensive drawing/ painting / photography classes. I hardly ever pick up a brush or a pencil anymore, but wish I did, or had the space for art supplies.

6. I used to write in a journal from 10 years old all the way until college. As a highschool graduation gift, I photo copied every single thing I wrote about my days with each of my best friends, and made them their own little memory books. I sometimes wonder if they still have them.

7. I have anxiety, and it's gotten worse as I get older. It's sort of weird saying it out loud (or typing it) but while I seem super sociable, I am very in my head, and am super obsessive about weird things so much so, that I get overwhelmed and become frozen.

8. I learned to drive by driving my dad to Krispy Kreme in Pompano Beach for Hot Now donuts while he quizzed me on which Beatle was singing.

9. My first car was a neon green VW Beetle. I decked it out with polka dots and barbies and all sorts of weird things. I wish I had pictures, but IG didn't exist so...

10. My very first Nokia ringtone was "PS I Love You" By The Beatles all in beep form.

Share some of your secrets in the comments!

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Monday, May 1, 2017

7 Mules & Slides I Love

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

I've never been a big "heels" kind of gal, so mules have totally swept me off of my feet. I love that theyre comfortable enough to walk in all day, but still adorable! The 1-2 inch heel is just my speed. .. and don't even get me started on pastel mules. Those mint green ones will be my every day shoes this summer!!
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